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Memorial Day - Flag Display Field Trip

Last Thursday, May 2nd 2024, The O'Bryant NJROTC unit was grateful to go on the Memorial Flag Display Field Trip. The trip took place at the Mt. Calvary Cemetery and New Calvary Cemetery. This is our traditional field trip every year, around the month of Memorial Day, where we would go to a cemetery and place American flags beside the gravestones of the military soldiers who sacrificed themselves. It was a memorable time to get together as a unit and conduct such a meaningful task. We were so proud to be able to participate in such a significant event, it was a great opportunity for us to pay respect and show appreciation. Moreover, the trip was a great experience for the NS1 cadets, for them to gain awareness and actually acknowledge the importance of this event even more. We all had a great time together being out and contributing to our community through our small but thoughtful action. Finally, we want to give our last few words to show sincere appreciation to those who fell down for the rising of our country today, how much pride and freedom we have now thanks to them.


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