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O'bryant NJROTC cadets have the opportunity to participate on our Orienteering Team which goes on weekend field trips to Orienteering meets set up by the New England Orienteering Club (NEOC) linked here: NEOC site 

What is it?

Orienteering meets are a chance for cadets to work together in small groups practicing their leadership skills, as well as bond with each other and have fun. Meets are first-time friendly, no experience is required to join. At the beginning of a meet, cadets split into groups and receive compasses, safety whistles (as well as headlamps and flashlights for nighttime meets), and a map with the points they need to find marked. Cadets can pick courses that are right for their skill level and chaperones go with inexperienced cadets. from there, the cadets go into the woods and must figure out how to reach every point marked on their map. the group that finishes the course in the least amount of time wins.

What's it like?

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