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Field Trips, and so Much More! 

Members of the O'bryant NJROTC unit have the Opportunity to Participate in numerous different field trips throughout the year. Including trips to Battleship cove, and the USS Consitution, as well as our annual memorial day flag display, during which Cadets plant American flags on the grave sites of veterans to honor their service. 

Each of these trips and activities affords members of the O'bryant NJROTC unit a different opportunity. During our trips to Battleship Cove and the USS Constitution Cadets delve into the history of the ships allowing them to compare and contrast how the design of sea-going vessels has changed over the years. 

Our Memorial Day flag display in particular gives cadets the ability to give back to their community and recognize the service of veterans as well as bound and a group. Meanwhile, our preference at graduation gives Cadets a chance to see a sneek peak of what where they will be in just a few short years and what it'll be like to walk across the stage and transition from a highschooler to a civic minded, critical-thinking adult. 

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