On March 6th 2020 Chief Barros classes  were advanced  and promoted to C/SN and Cadet Leiu was advanced to C/PO2. These do not come easy I know this by experience these cadets worked hard to get where they are right now 

On Saturday February 29, at the ABCD Thelma Burns Building, The African American Community of Boston held an African American Veterans Appreciation Brunch. The John D. O'Bryant NJROTC Color Guard and cadets were invited to perform the colors ceremony, and to help serve veterans and others in the community who came to the brunch. The John D. O’Bryant NJROTC wasn’t the only JROTC unit that participated as volunteers at the brun...

On February 14th 2020 the John D. O'Bryant NJROTC Unit had their annual Military Inspection. This year our Area 4 manager inspected. He inspects each unit every two years because of all the other units he has to inspect in area 4. Within those two year an replacement does the inspection. These inspections are so he can analyze what the unit is doing all ready and what they should add on to make their unit even better. Last  sc...

December 15, 2019

On December 14th the John D. O’Bryant NJROTC Drill team attended their last Drill Competition of the year at North High School Worcester MA. Congratulations to the following commanders and their cadets, inspection Juliana Tamayo 2nd place and Unarmed Ciarra Fredrick 3rd place Congratulations to the NS-1 for completing their first full drill comp .The commanders that didn’t place for their commitment and devotion to their team...

November 17, 2019

This past weekend, Saturday November 16th, NJROTC attended the third drill competition of the season, hosted by Coventry in Rhode Island. Competing in NS1 basic drill, unarmed, armed, color guard, academic, personnel inspection, and pt. Congratulations to the NS1 drill team for placing 2nd, commanded by Cadet Antoine. Congratulations to Color Guard for placing  2nd as well, commanded by Cadet Baumiller. Congratulations to the...

October 20, 2019

On October 19 The John D. O’Bryant NJROTC attended their first drill comp of 2019 at Dover High School in Dover New Hampshire. Congratulations to the following Teams  NS-1’s for placing in this year's first drill comp coming in at third place lead by Cadet Antoine,Saniya. Unarmed regulation placing third place lead by cadet Frederick, Ciarra. Academic for placing in second place lead by Cadet Flores, Samantha. Even tho Armed,...

On October 6th the John D. O’ Bryant  NJROTC Unit attended the Annual Roslindale parade.The banner was held by Cadet Ramirez and Rucker

Color guard  commander Baumiller American Flag ,Navy Flag Cadet Tran Left shoulder  Rifle cadet Montas Right shoulder Rifle Lieu . Platoon lead by Guide on  Cadet Frederick ,Unit Commander Ubiñas and Executive Officer Tamayo ,Platoon commanded by Cadet Mangum The annual parade is held to Showca...


On June 16th 2019, the O’Bryant NJROTC marched in the Bunker Hill Parade in Charlestown, MA. Platoon commander  William Doyle accompanied by the chain of Commanding Company Officer Jorge Ubiñas ,Executive office Julianna Tamayo, Adjutant  Samantha Folres , Guide on Grace Colon 

Followed by O'B ROTC color guard color . Color guard commander Ciarra Frederick Navy Flag Maureen Baumiller ,Left shoulder Rifl...

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