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Tran Le (Public Affiars Officer)

Hello everyone! I’m C/Ens Le, Tran and I’m currently a Sophomore at OB! As for my position in the CoC, I’m a Public Affairs Officer. My job in NJROTC is to make sure everyone is updated with whatever is going on in our unit. I need to make sure that everyone is up to date with the upcoming events in our unit as well as the current event in our country. As a part of my job, I'm also learning how to be a leader by organizing events, and help training my XO to master this position so he/she can take over once I graduate. So my goal is to unite all the cadets by making sure people get the information they need and not feeling left out. I also want to motivate all the cadets to keep up with their best standard and want them to know that it takes both pride and responsibility to be an NJROTC cadet, whether you're in a position or not. As part of the CoC, I would want every cadet to feel included, have confidence in themselves, and get engaged in the activity. We all want to work together to see our improvements throughout the course!

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