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Samira Mendez COC photo .JPG

Samira Mendez (Adjutant) 


Hi, I’m cadet Mendes, Samira, and I’m the Adjutant of the unit. My rank is cadet Lieutenant junior grade. I also assist the CO and the XO of the unit especially in administrative matters such as attendance at meeting. I'll be responsible for providing personnel support that affects our cadets' overall well-being. I also want all the cadets to feel like they can talk to me and anyone in the COC for support, and if they need help with anything, including bullying. This program has made me achieve goals that I didn't think I could achieve and it also has made me a better student, and friend. This is my second year in the unit and it’s amazing how many bonds and friends you can build in just two years. I would also love to meet every single one of the cadets and show them that I am here for them and for the unit, so reach out anytime! 

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