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Analisa Martins 

Hello Everyone!! I am your Supply Officer; Analisa Martins! Currently, I am in my last year at the O’Bryant with a rank of LTJG. My main position as supply officer is to make sure all the cadets have their issued uniforms and the right clothing sizes. Come to me if any mishaps with your uniform. As the supply officer, I keep stock of all our uniforms, and track them down to make sure everything is accounted for, especially so all you cadets can be able to have access to the items you need to look your best!! It’s been 6 years since I’ve been at the O’Bryant and I’ve been in the unit since 9th grade and joined the position of supply officer in my 11th-grade year. ROTC does have its challenges, whether it be the current events or the Pearl Harbor project, especially when it comes to PT, but the satisfaction and rewards you get for self-discipline and creating bonds with one another is the best feeling out there. Knowing and pushing myself through the years has been a struggle and I can admit that there were times I had been heavily stressed, lessons of communication and helping out your fellow cadets brings this entire unit together and I’m glad of all the bonds I’ve made with people who’ve had to persevere the same way I have. In the end, I love my position and will always be available to any of the cadets but a problem arises, whether it be your uniform or a simply friendly reminder!

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