Jorge-Andrés Ubiñas

Hello, my name is Jorge-Andrés Ubiñas and I am currently the Commanding Officer of the John D. O’Bryant’s NJROTC Unit. This basically means that I work very closely and efficiently with each and every one of the 100~ Cadets in our program through checking and directing each of the different departments and continuously updating our systems to better match the need and wants of my subordinates. My message to all that read this is: Whether you are a Cadet or just a Parent/Guardian, I can guarantee you that you will be exposed to fun and interesting experiences that can seldom be found anywhere else, let alone in a program that comes with going to this marvelous school. Cadets, I ask that you put your utmost effort into this program as the skills you will learn and the fun things you’ll do all depend on how much effort you put in, in return. Parents/Guardians, I ask that you come along for the ride! For nearly every event we have or attend we always invite family along for the adventure; Get to know your child’s senior Cadets, meet the two fantastic Naval instructors, and see what your child does in NJROTC!

Commanding Officer C/LCDR Jorge-Andres Ubinas