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Daniela Moterola (Company Commanding Officer)


Hello Everyone! My name is Daniela Monterola and I am the current commanding officer of the O’Bryant NJROTC Unit. My role in the unit is to be a bridge between Chief Barros and Lieutenant Commander Lancaster our two instructors and the cadets. My role here is to make sure that each and every cadet is not only following the rules but also learning about leadership, discipline, and teamwork. This is also having fun on our various activities as a unit. I help with the supervision of the Chain of Command and help with the daily work of many departments. I not only work with them but I also work with our first-year cadets helping with uniforms and with adjusting to this new experience.


My main goal for this year is to make sure that cadets learn and have the most fun possible this year. Some of the best times I’ve had in this unit have included color guard events, field trips to Battleship Cove, and most especially our military ball! As CO I will make sure that the unit does as many things as possible because I want to ensure that everyone has a fun safe and exciting year. This year I am excited to meet everyone and to be able to help you all on this new journey.


For any new cadets reading this I encourage you to come and find me if you ever need help in anything whether it be your classes or in the unit I will always be here. Parents if you ever have questions never hesitate to contact me. 


Remember we are a unit! We are in this together and I can’t wait to see what you will all accomplish this year :)


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