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Veronica Lai

Hello, my name is Veronica Lai (C/LTCDR) and I am the current Commanding Officer of the John D O'Bryant’s NJROTC Unit! My role in the Unit is to make sure each and every cadet is taking full advantage of the fun opportunities given by the Unit whose goal is to improve leadership and discipline. In addition, I make sure to not only keep in close contact with our Chain of Command; that they’re on task and communicating with their department, but also our ~100 cadets, especially NS1s (first years), helping them adjust to these new responsibilities, and passing down knowledge from my 3 years in the program, to them. 


One of the main goals this year is to bring back the Unit’s spirit post-COVID. Most, if not all of the best parts of NJROTC are the events and activities we do outside of school, such as Orienteering, performing Color Guard for the Celtics or the O’Bryant’s Football Team in Fenway, displaying flags for veterans, going on the field trips, and our annual Military Ball! As the CO, I make sure these events go smoothly with the help of our Chain of Command and make sure that cadets attend these events and have fun! 


For any cadets reading this, I know firsthand how hard and different NJROTC can be from literally anything else, and that’s why I urge you to reach out for help at any time because all this really is/was new for all of us. I also ask that you put in your utmost effort, as it will result in these fun opportunities, and sooner or later you’ll gain a new set of skills that’ll set you up for success. Additionally, get to know your fellow cadets, because they’ll be your support group. We’re a Unit; meaning we’re in this together. 


For Parents/Guardians and Cadets, (cadets especially are probably sick of me saying it) I’m always here if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask! 

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