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Daniela Monterola 

Hi, Everyone! My name is Daniela Monterola. I am a freshman and I am a cadet lieutenant junior grade, in the unit I am the administration officer for the Obryants NJROTC unit. As the admin officer, I'm in charge of making sure that everyone's information is lined up and making sure that everyone is allowed to participate in all events including PT. I make sure that all events that the cadets do is credited for and are used to refer back to when getting an award or promotion. Our goal for the unit is to keep an organized workspace and to have efficient access to each cadet’s information. Like all the other departments in the unit, the Admin Department is crucial to the success of the program. My XO Demaya Mitchell is also responsible for helping in the admin department and with helping out in other parts of the unit. Admin is also important in making sure that cadet's information is stored safely and no one but admin can have access to it. Alongside the other departments, the unit is made up of the admin department and is one that helps the unit not only with growing but with learning.​


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