Executive Officer  C/LT Juliana Tamayo 

Juliana Tamayo

Hello, everyone! My name is Juliana Tamayo, I am a Cadet Lieutenant, and I am the Executive Officer for the John D. O’Bryant’s NJROTC Unit. As Executive Officer, I uphold the responsibility of closely monitoring the functions of the unit’s departments, building relationships with the cadets, and ensuring that the unit is functioning adequately. As Executive Officer, I am also responsible for setting an example for the rest of our cadets as well as making sure that they are receiving the support that they need in the program. The NJROTC program provides cadets with unforgettable experiences, and lots of opportunities to grow as both individuals and as a team. Fortunately for me, I am able to witness the growth of the cadets first hand, and I am also able to communicate with them frequently and make sure that they understand the standards we have set for every cadet. For the parents that are considering enrolling their children in the program, I would most definitely recommend it. This programs brings lots of benefits; both personal and academic. The NJROTC program gives cadets a sense of purpose, and it motivates them to become better each and every day. It also grants lots of opportunities for advancements and even scholarships. Being in NJROTC definitely enhances a cadet’s high school experience, and they are able to undergo a wonderful journey that not many high school students get to go through. Therefore, if you are a high school student that is up for a challenge and wants to push themselves in every aspect of their life, being in NJROTC is the best thing you could put yourself through. 

Executive Officer C/LT Juliana Tamayo