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Orienteering Field Trip

Last Saturday, March 30th, was the first orienteering field trip of the John D. O'bryant NJROTC unit this year, 2023-2024! It took place in an YMCA outdoor center. There were various cadets signing up, ranging from 9th graders to Seniors, which made it go very well since we had the experienced cadets to help guide the new ones. The cadets had so much fun being out in nature, forming into small groups and working their way towards the ending checkpoint. As leaders, we also made sure to follow the safety protocols and always keep an eye out in a wild environment where any danger can arise, so it was good that no one was injured and was able to enjoy the trip to the fullest. At the end of the day, it's not the matter of who made it to the end, but it's the energetic spirit of being around your peers, learning new things, and gaining new experiences where you can't find anywhere else! Therefore, we are looking forward to the next orienteering field trip!


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