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Jesus Santiago (Master at Arm)


Hello fellow cadet, staff, and family I'm Jesus Santiago better known as Chief Petty Officer Santiago, and I'm the Master At Arms of the NJROTC unit at the John D O’Bryant. A little about myself is that I'm a hard worker, a great friend, and a good student, I believe that once you put your mind to achieving something there's nothing in this world that could stop you from succeeding. But you are here to read about my position and not about me, as the Master At arms of the unit I take full responsibility for everything that takes place within the armory. The armory consists of many rifles, swords, flags, and drones that are used by our cadets during different events and activities. In addition, it's not just looking after them, it's also maintaining the equipment and checking to see what's old and what's damaged and making sure everything is accounted for. Some may say that the position of a Master At Arms is useless but they don't realize that supplying the unit with the materials that our cadets need so that they can be successful in their different fields is what’s important.

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