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End-of-the-year Award Ceremony 2024

Last Thursday, June 6th, was a memorable event for our O'Bryant NJROTC unit! We gathered together to celebrate our achievements throughout the year and acknowledge the effort that you've all put in to improve yourself and for the unit. This year has passed by so fast that we didn't even notice, but that means we've been very productive, always keeping up with the expectation and developing ourselves. Due to the hard work that you've put in this year, we've proudly received the highest award that a unit could get - the Unit Achievement! So we would like to spend this time to honor your on-going effort. First of all, we want to give a great appreciation for the Chain of Command and all the staff for your tremendous contribution to this unit. You all always make sure the unit is running smoothly and that all the cadets are receiving what they need with you always by their side. We also want to thank all the parents for their great support and understanding, supporting their children all the way through the year. The award ceremony does not only mean "giving out awards and receiving awards," it's about recognizing everyone's improvements on themselves and reflecting on your work throughout the year, to see what you've achieved or need to set goals for next year. So it doesn't matter the amount of awards that you received, you should be proud of yourself for completing the year with full effort because YOU and your hard work are the biggest award that you could ever get. So lastly, we would like to give the greatest appreciation for all the cadets. I bet that when you compare yourself now to the beginning of the year, you would be surprised by how much of a better version you are now. Please keep up the good work, and whether you are returning or not, we hope you've got out something useful from the program that will help you in the future. Oorah navy!


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