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Cost of Freedom Ceremony

Last Friday, December 8th, the John D. O'bryant NJROTC unit was honored to be invited to attend the Cost of Freedom Ceremony. As it was stated by president Bob Madden, the Cost of Freedom Inc's mission "remains to honor our servicemen and servicewomen, those that defend our borders and protect our nation’s greatest treasure – freedom." As a unit, the Color Guard team (C/LTCDR Monterola, C/MCPO Ramos, C/LTJG Lacrete, C/LTJG Mitchell) was proud to present the Colors during the National Anthem. Aside from that, we were also honored to perform the flag folding ceremony (presented by C/LT Zhao and C/PO3 Perkins), to take part in this solemnity and to show our high respect. Lastly, on this special occasion, we want to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude for the tremendous sacrifices made by our servicemen and servicewomen in defense of our freedom and the values we hold dear.


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