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Annual Military Inspection 2024

Over the past few months since the beginning of the school year, we as a unit have worked closely with the cadets in preparation for this big event. It was our honor to welcome Captain Stauff, the Area 1 Manager, to spend his valuable time visiting our unit and inspecting our cadets. We noticed how our cadets have spent a lot of their time working to improve themselves for their own as well as for the unit in general, which is what matters the most. Since AMI is done, we want to take this time to thank you all, specifically the cadets who have put so much effort into their practices because it really showed through. We personally want to thank all the senior cadets and our instructors, those who have worked time in and out to give the best for our unit. Without you all, there would not be such results as today. Also, we would like to give a special thanks to the parents who have always supported our cadets in their journey of ROTC. Now that the hard time is done, give yourself a pat on the back cause you'll deserve it!


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