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2023 End of the Year Award Ceremony

Congratulations on the successful NJROTC End of the Year Awards Ceremony! First of all, we want to thank everyone who's worked so hard to create this ceremony, as well as those who attended the ceremony and shared the joy with us! The ceremony was truly a huge accomplishment for our unit, and it was even more fulfilling because of every one of our cadets here. We’ve honorably rewarded our cadets in many different awards including the O’Bryant NCO Leadership Award, the Veterans of Foreign Wars Award, and many more. We’ve also advanced some particular cadets who have dedicated themselves for the past few months to be trained in ranking up to Petty Officer 3rd Class. At the top of all, due to all your hard work being put into the unit, we've accomplished the Unit Accomplishment! So we just want to say that we’re super proud of what each of you have achieved this year. Even though it was your first experience in a program like this, you’ve grown so much since then. All these changes can be seen through your accomplishments and I believe that you’ve also recognized those progress in your current lifestyle and person compared to the beginning of the year! We hope that you will continue to uphold these values and take this achievement as a foundation for whatever you're planning to aim for in the future. Once again, congratulations to everything you’ve fulfilled this year and be proud.


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