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Pearl Harbor Commemoration

Today marks the 81st Anniversary of a day that will live in infamy, the Attack on Pearl Harbor, which ultimately lead the US to become involved in World War 2. Over the course of 7 hours, US-held territories in the Philippines, Guam, and Wake Island were attacked.

Intended as a preventative strike the attack instead awakened the Tiger of the United States leading to a historic civilian and military mobilization. But with it incredible stigma and a backlash against Japanese Americans. Today we honor both the memory of the 2,403 Americans who died during the attack and also the many Japanese Americans who were held in internment camps.

Let this moment of silence and the bells that will ring to mark its completion serve as a reminder to never let hate blind you to the truth.

We will now take a moment of silence.

Wait 10 seconds.

Bells (Chief) 7 strikes.


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