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Samuel Gordon


Hi guys I'm Sam Gordon, and I've been in the O'bryant NJROTC unit for 4 years. Last year I was the Commanding Officer (CO) (for more on that position look at the current CO Veronica Lai's bio) this year I have a new position, the Senior Advisor. In my position, I am another contact for cadets if they don't understand something. I also advise the current Chain of Command (COC) on how to ensure unit activities run smoothly, as well as set an example for the younger cadets and help guide them through the program. I also organize certain events on occasion, like our CPR & Stop the Bleed clinic, and remade the website-- so if you love it it was all me: If you hate it, it was the CO's fault ;)

One of the things I would say to any cadets currently in the program or potential cadets who may be interested in joining is this: Learning leadership concepts, and practicing the skills of leadership, followership, and self-discipline in a learning environment is irreplaceable. Those skills and experience in decision-making, small group coordination, and even teaching are not taught in any classroom, they are practiced in the activities we do outside the classroom when we go on field trips or organize events. 


The final thing I hope that everyone gets out of this program is an understanding of a phrase 2004 Olympian and former coach Tim Broe shared with me: "When everyone on the team puts in more than they expect to get out, everyone gets out far more than they put in." I hope that after participating in our program cadets will see how that applies not only to our unit but to all communities that they will find themselves in and that they become active members of those communities. 

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